Saturday, August 8, 2009

Finding Buyers is the Key to Cash

An Email of Trace Trajano to Me

Let me share with you a secret...there are only three things that will make you successful in the real estate business: BUYERS, BUYERS and BUYERS.

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Everything else are secondary.

If you focus on getting as many buyers - specially CASH BUYERS lined up even before you buy your first deal...then buying and selling houses becomes easy, FUN and PROFITABLE!

BUT, let me tell you another secret: FINDING BUYERS IS HARD.

Well...until now. What if you can find buyers in seconds literally by clicking a button? Too good to be true? Attend the demo of this "Secret" system - 9 pm Thursday (US - eastern time or Friday 9 AM Philippine time) LIVE - here:

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

From a 'desperate' housewife

by trace trajano

got this on my email this week...from a "desperate" housewife - she's not really desperate. She is thrilled and excited to become a millionaire just like some of my students. I get questions like what she ask below all the time - about how to sell properties specially if it's their first one. Below is her question and how I answered it:

"Good day! I am housewife for 8 years now and I have three sons, ages 7, 5 and 3.

I've been receiving notice for your webinar but wasn't able to attend one. Until last Wednesday, when we (my husband joined me) decided to give it a try. We were really inspired listening to you and Bo Sanchez. My husband right away advise me to join your mentoring program and so we avail of your promo.

Since then, I started reading blogs on your website. I wanted to do it right away and so i contacted my friend who has been offering me to sell her sister-in-law's lot here in Cavite. It's been two years now since she offered it and surprisingly the lot is still available. I just would like seek advise from you, as to where should I start to be able to easily sell this lot? What are the things I should consider?

Thank you in advance. And i know that I have taken the first step of becoming the next millionaire.

God Bless.

The next millionaire,
Jennifer B.

{To read how I answered her HERE}

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P.S. Last week Bo Sanchez and I did a powerful webinar - How to Buy Real Estate using your Spit or Saliva. For those who were not able to attend it, I posted the webinar recording or replay at

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A millionaire in 9 months

from Trace Trajano

She became a millionaire in 9 months

This is very inspiring...

One of my students became a millionaire in less than 9 months at a ripe old age of 25. Want proof? Watch the video by going to this blog -

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