Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Millionaire couple created by the Think Rich Pinoy program.

from Traje Trajano

I am proud to say that I have another millionaire student - in fact I have two...they're they're the first millionaire couple. Jessie and Apple Raquel have blazed a trail and their story is such an inspiration. I interviewed them:

Trace - I heard you're the Think Rich Pinoy Millionaire's Network franchise's first real estate millionaire couple! Congratulations! How does it feel?

Jessie- We are proud to be the first "Think Rich Pinoy" millionaires because of our first property in Bancal Meycauayan Bulacan. When I am feeling discouraged and have lots of rejection, I always look back to this successful event in our life. This is really a milestone.

Apple- It feels really great! We owe this to our group the TRPMN (Think Rich Pinoy Millionaire Network) and of course to our magnificent mentors, you,Larry Gamboa, Bo Sanchez and Nelson Terrible.

Trace - describe to me how you achieved millionaire status in such a short time.

Apple - We bought through a bank auction a 10-door apartment as our first deal in Bancal, Meycauayan Bulacan. And through yours and Larry's guidance, we were able to determine that its value is Php3.7M and bought only for Php1.85M.

Jessie – In the simplest way, the most crucial thing is to set “unrealistic” and “bone-deep” heart-felt goals. My goal at that time was not to become a millionaire but to have a passive income (Php150,000 monthly) so that I don’t need to work abroad and leave my family just to earn a living. And whatever happens stay focused in achieving it but be flexible. There are lots of learning experience from your first deal. Try to find out what works and what doesn't.

From my youth, I always believe that I am God’s beloved. That He is with me no matter what happens. I just believe in my heart that God calls me to do this thing for a higher purpose. In essence, you have to set goals. Act upon it and stay focused. And believe that this goal will be achieved.

Trace - what challenges did you encounter and how did you overcome them?

Jessie – The biggest challenge was to sell the 10 units of the apartment in Bancal, Meycauayan.We had a negative cash flow for 1 year. You suggested the idea of marketing it using Php99/day RENT-TO-OWN units. After massive marketing campaign, bandit signs and internet marketing, unbelievable things happened, we were able move the remaining 5 units in 2 two weeks.

Trace - so you went from negative cashflow for 1 year and because of one single idea from were able to become positive cashflow in just 2 weeks. Wow!

Apple - It really ain’t easy being in the same business as a couple. Like for us, we two are really different persons..different personalities, have different views etc. So sometimes we end up in ‘hot’ business discussions.But don’t worry they oftentimes result in a very sound decision and I think it is normal for couples.

Trace - describe to me your latest deal? What is the potential profit, how did you find the deal, etc.?

Jessie – Our latest deal is “Romagna deal”, our 3rd property in Maia Alta, Antipolo. We already have a buyer for this property. We bought it for 2.5M, and sold it for 3.5M on a rent-to-own basis for 15 years. (Actually, we are selling it for 2.9M if cash, 3.1M if Bank financing. And 3.5M if Rent-to-own.) We found a buyer first and then we showed different properties even if they were not yet tied up. After the buyer’s decision as to which property they wanted, we talked to the seller and tied it up for Php5,000 only.

Trace - If there is only one thing from each of you that you can tell our readers who are striving to become millionaires, what advice will you give?

Jessie – Set “unrealistic” goals. And take massive action. Stay with it until its completion.

Apple – Have very good mentors who can guide you. Imitate
them just like what we did.

Trace - Now that you are millionaires, what is next?

Apple – To be billionaires?! (lol) Honestly, you must not stop on what you are and have right know. Strive more so there will be more opportunities in helping other people. As Bo says, “The purpose of money is to help and bless others. The more people you help, the richer you become and you become rich not just materially but spiritually. You become truly rich.”

Jessie- Our goal is to earn Php1Million monthly. This can be done by retailing at least 2 properties per month with at least Php500,000 mark-up each.

Well, I know the interview is cut short. But you can get to meet Jessie and Apple -and know more about their deals-personally if you start where Jessie and Apple started.

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