Thursday, September 18, 2008

Think Rich Pinoy Millionaire Franchise and Clubs

from Traje Trajano

Our Think Rich Pinoy Millionaire Network franchisees have come a long way. For those of you who don't know and have not read my book, "Think Rich Quick!" (I really don't understand how you can stand reading my blog posts everyday and not read my book yet...), we have established a real estate franchise called the Think Rich Pinoy Millionaire Network.

These franchisees have gone through a bootcamp and every week, they get to interact with me via Yahoo chat. Every time they have a deal, they send it to me and I analyze it for them. I analyze it as if I am going to buy it myself. They get to interact with Larry Gamboa (if you have not read his book "Think Rich Pinoy!" do so because you're missing out) and learn how to apply everything that I teach them in the Philippine context. Once or twice a year, they get mentored by Bo Sanchez on how money works in the context of being a Christian. Once a quarter or so, they interact with a real estate billionaire developer - Nelson Terrible. They get to pick his brain on how to have rental properties...(quick turn real estate is just a means to generate massive amounts of cash which you can then invest in rental properties that generate passive income).

Bottomline, they get 3 millionaires and a billionaire as mentors...they get the whole package, the whole enchilada...the support to make failing virtually impossible. Of course, it's not easy sometimes, but believe me when I say this: we have equipped our franchisees with every means at their disposal to ensure that they succeed at quick turn real estate business and real estate investing. Of course we don't spoonfeed them...they have to apply what we teach them.

There is a big financial investment (more than P100,000) though to become a franchisee, and we don't accept everyone. We only accept those who are serious and committed and those who have leadership abilities.

If you think you are not ready can try out as a Think Rich Pinoy club member. You get mentored by a franchisee...and you get to work in his or her business. You learn how to buy and sell real estate from someone doing it...from someone in the front actually buying and selling real estate. That actually doing it. The financial investment is smaller and could be more affordable. The only downside is all the profits belong to the franchisee and your return is the knowledge that you will gain.

If you are interested in becoming a franchisee email me at If you are interested in becoming a club member, email (Jam, one of our franchisees).

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